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Fourth International
Workshop on Advances in the Use of Historical Marine Climate Data (MARCDAT-IV)

18-22 July 2016, Southampton, UK

The workshop is arranged around the following themes:

  • 1. Data homogenization (benchmarking, bias adjustments, step change analysis, metadata)
  • 2. Quantification and estimation of uncertainty
  • 3. Data management, recovery and reprocessing (digitisation efforts and reprocessing of previously digitised data)
  • 4. Reconstructing past climates
  • 5. Integrating In-situ / satellite data sources
  • 6. Consistency of the climate across domain boundaries (land, ocean, surface, subsurface, atmosphere)
  • 7. The role of ICOADS and applications of marine climate data
  • 8. Review of the 10-year action plan

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