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UK Royal Navy WW II Logs (by UK Met Office)

In 2006, the UK and NOAA's Climate Database Modernization Program (CDMP) funded the imaging of approximately 8K Royal Navy logbooks in the UK National Archives from the period around World War II (1938-47). By March 2006, the 268K resulting page images were shipped to CDMP for archival and later digitization, which over the year following yielded some 1.5M digitized marine reports for the period. In preparation for use in ICOADS, the digitized data were passed through some basic quality control (QC) and converted into IMMA format, by the UK Met Office. Following are links to two additional webpages for additional information: (1) about these preliminary processing steps through the conversion into IMMA format; and (2) about the relationship between these newly digitized data and existing UK data already in ICOADS for the same period.

(1) http://brohan.org/hadobs/digitised_obs/docs/

(2) UK Royal Navy (RN) WW II Logs and the Marine Data Bank (MDB)

In order to prepare the IMMA data for becoming an Auxiliary dataset (as well as planned future blending into ICOADS), QC flags were added after the data were received in Boulder, and also during that processing:

  1. any reports with missing YR or MO were removed (note: less than 1% of the reports lacked YR/MO)
  2. any reports with missing LAT or LON were retained (note: ~15% of the reports lack LAT/LON)
  3. any landlocked reports were retained
  4. LON was converted to east
  5. DPT was computed and DPTI set to 1

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