Third JCOMM Workshop on Advances in Marine Climatology (CLIMAR-III)

Programme (pdf distributed at workshop) and Presentations

Tuesday, 6 May

  Workshop Introduction: Speakers Chair: Miroslaw Mietus  
  1. Dr Mieczyslaw Ostojski, Gen. Director IMGW
  2. Etienne Charpentier, WMO and JCOMM
  3. Prof. Jerzy Bielinski Vice Rector, Univ. of Gdansk
  4. Prof Marcin Plinski, Pres. National Committee of Sea Research in Poland
  5. Dr Wojciech Szczurek, Mayor of Gdynia
  6. Scott Woodruff, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, NOAA
  7. Miroslaw Mietus, IMGW (local logistics)
S1 Session 1: Characteristics of Observational Data (Note: S1O5 and S1P5 withdrawn) Chair: Nick Rayner  
No. Title
[Note: abstract titles with noteworthy differences are also indicated in brackets]
Authors (presenting bold)
[Note: any abstract authorship differences are not indicated]
Assessment of the Marine Observing System (ASMOS) [Assessment of the Surface Marine Meteorological Observing System] Elizabeth Kent and David Berry  
S1O2 A bias corrected SST analysis from 1900 to the present John Kennedy, Nick Rayner and David Parker  
S1O3 A Study of Bias and Inhomogeneity in Wind Speeds from Moored Buoys B.R. Thomas and V.R. Swail  
S1O4 Using ship tracking methods to assist in bias adjusting marine observations Julian Hill, Simon Maskell and Mathew Cole  
S1O6 Impact of systematic errors in hydrographic data on estimates of ocean warming Viktor Gouretski  
Uncertainties in SST measurements [...: are we overestimating the reliability of SST data?] John Kennedy  
S1P2 Humidity Biases in VOS Observations David I. Berry and Elizabeth C. Kent  
S1P3 Estimating Random Errors in Marine Air Temperatures David I. Berry and Elizabeth C. Kent  
S1P4 Improved Characterisation and Bias Adjustment of Ship Winds in ICOADS David I. Berry and Elizabeth C. Kent  
S1P6 Characteristics of the hydro-meteorological observation data in the North-Western Black Sea Dumitru Sarafu and Mirela-Milena Nita Not submitted for publication
S1P7 Wave Spectra Construction in the Caribbean Sea Using Satellite Measurements after Buoy Data Analysis Rafael Ricardo Torres Parra  
S2 Session 2: Data Management Chair: Alexey Kaplan  
S2O1 [Overview of JCOMM Data Management and Advances in Best Practices] Bob Keeley  
S2O2 ICOADS: Update Status and Data Distribution Steven J. Worley, Scott D. Woodruff, Sandra J. Lubker, Zaihua Ji, and J. Eric Freeman  
S2O3 ICOADS: Data Characteristics and Future Directions Scott D. Woodruff, Elizabeth C. Kent, Philip Brohan, Richard W. Reynolds, Sandra J. Lubker, Shawn R. Smith and Zaihua Ji  
S2O4 The present and future satellite era sea surface temperature climate data record Craig Donlon, Kenneth S. Casey and John Stark  
S2O5 Merging marine historical ecology and climatology [Interface between marine historical ecology and climate research] Catherine Marzin and Stefan Claesson  
S2O6 SEPRISE - Pan-European Operational Oceanographic Real Time Data Exchange [SEPRISE - First step towards a pan-European oceanographic real time data exchange] Patrick Gorringe  
S2O7 The use of Data Buoy, Ship and Argo Float Observations - data flows and processing Hester Viola  
S2O8 META-T Water Temperature Metadata Pilot Project [The JCOMM water temperature metadata pilot project (META-T PP)] Elanor Gowland and Bill Burnett  
S2O9 Modernisation of the Marine Climatological Summaries Scheme Nicky Scott  
S2P1 NOAA's Climate Database Modernization Program: Preserving Marine History J. Eric Freeman  
S2P2 RECovery of Logbooks and International Marine data: (RECLAIM) [Project] Clive Wilkinson, Scott Woodruff, Eric Freeman, Philip Brohan, Frits B. Koek, and Dennis Wheeler Revised version 20/7/2010 (i.e. UK Logbooks Temporal Range diagram changed)
S2P3 HISTOR: Digitisation of German Historical Marine Meteorological Data and Metadata Reinhard Zöllner Not submitted for publication
S2P4 The CLIWOC project: Climatological Database for the World's Oceans: 1750 to 1850 [The CLIWOC Project: overview and reflection on the utility of old ship's logbooks for climatic studies] Ricardo Garcia-Herrera, Phil Jones, Frits Koek, Gunther Konnen, Clive Wilkinson, María del Rosario Prieto and Dennis Wheeler  
S2P5 The Shipboard Automated Meteorological and Oceanographic System [(SAMOS)] Initiative Shawn R Smith, Jeremy Rolph, and Mark A. Bourassa and  
S2P6 Climate information system and sea state through Capacity Building for Sustainable Development in Guinea-Bissau Cherno Luis Mendes Not submitted for publication
  Poster Introductions To be presented by designated Chair  
  Poster Viewing (all Sessions) All poster presenters  
  Icebreaker Reception In exhibition room on ground floor of conference building, hosted by the City Hall of Gdynia  

Wednesday, 7 May

S3 Session 3: Product Development Chair: Ken Casey  
S3O1 Microwave sea surface temperatures and climatologies Chelle Gentemann  
S3O2 Diurnal variability in the upper ocean Chelle L. Gentemann and Peter J. Minnett  
S3O3 Modeling observational error of bin-averaged in situ climate data [Use of satellite records and power spectra to model an observational error of bin-averaged in situ climate data] Alexey Kaplan  
S3O4 Estimating Uncertainty of Historical SST Analyses by a Cross Validation Technique Yoshikazu Fukuda, Masayoshi Ishii and Shoji Hirahara  
S3O5 Fast data fusion and its role in developing climate quality sea surface temperature data sets from multiple data sources Julian Hill, Martin Juckes and Paul Fieguth  
S3O6 The Influences of Differing Temperature and Moisture Roughness Length Parameterizations on Height Adjustment and Turbulent Surface Fluxes Mark Bourassa, L. Bucci, C.A. Clayson, C. Forgue, M. Onderlinde, and B. Roberts  
S3P1 Testing the HadISST2 Analysis in an Ideal World [Testing the robustness of the proposed HadISST analysis using pseudo-world methods] Nick A Rayner, Jen Hardwick, John Kennedy and Simon Tett  
S3P2 The extreme storm in the south-western Baltic Sea in November 1872 - a reanalysis of the wind fields for coastal protection purposes Gudrun Rosenhagen  
S3P3 Initial estimates of sampling uncertainty in fixed-depth and fixed-isotherm analyses of ocean warming [Estimates of ocean heat uptake and their uncertainty] Matt Palmer and Philip Brohan  
S3P4 Optimal Estimation for Retrieving Sea Surface Temperature C J Merchant (presented by Elizabeth C. Kent)  
S4 Session 4: New Climate Products and Intercomparisons (Note: S4O1 withdrawn) Chair: Klaus Wolter  
S4O2 Uncertainties in SST and Sea Ice Analyses Nick Rayner, Tess Brandon, Ken Casey, Craig Donlon, Alexey Kaplan and Liz Kent  
S4O3 Advances in the AVHRR Pathfinder Sea Surface Temperature Climate Data Record and its Connections with GHRSST Reanalysis Activities Kenneth S. Casey, Tess B. Brandon, Craig Donlon and Nick Rayner  
S4O4 Inter-comparison of Historical Sea Surface Temperature Datasets Sayaka Yasunaka and Kimio Hanawa  
S4O5 A project to create bias-corrected marine climate observations from ICOADS Shawn R. Smith, Mark A. Bourassa, Scott Woodruff, Steve Worley, Elizabeth Kent, Simon Josey, Nick Rayner, and Richard Reynolds  
S4O6 Reconstruction of interdecadal variability of air-sea interaction in the Atlantic 1880-2004: links to atmospheric circulation patterns Sergey Gulev, Konstantin Belyaev, Thomas Jung, Eberhard Ruprecht  
S4O7 Marine Climatologies from Satellite Remote Sensing [..., as viewed through a Geographic Information System] Martin Rutherford  
S4O8 The WMO Commission for Climatology Expert Team on Climate Monitoring including the use of satellite and marine data and products Craig Donlon, M. Brunet, M. Z. Zhang, J. Lawrimore, X. Wang, R. Hollmann, F. Driouech, E. Rebello, and W.A. Wan Hassan  
S4P1 A New In Situ Surface Flux Dataset from NOCS [A new NOCS Dataset of Sea Surface Heat Fluxes] David I. Berry and Elizabeth C. Kent  
S4P2 The GCOS SST/SI Intercomparison Framework for Global SST Analyses Tess B. Brandon and Kenneth S. Casey  
S4P3 Towards an independent time series of sea surface temperature from satellite observations Christopher J Merchant, Owen Embury, David Llewellyn-Jones, Elizabeth C. Kent, Nick A Rayner and Roger Saunders  
Plenary Disc. A Marine Data & Data Quality (90 min) Chair: Shawn Smith (Rapporteur: Bridget Thomas)  
  Conference Dinner Restaurant Harnas in Sopot, hosted by the General Director of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management  

Thursday, 8 May

S5 Session 5: Observation-based Analyses of Climate Variability and Change Chair: Sergey Gulev  
S5O1 The use of marine data for attribution of climate change and constraining climate predictions [The use of marine data in detection and attribution and other climate modeling activities] Peter Stott  
S5O2 Global Ocean Heat Content 1955-2007 in Light of Recently Revealed Instrumentation Problems [Recalculation of global ocean heat content in light of recently revealed instrumentation problems] Syd Levitus, John Antonov and Tim Boyer  
S5O3 Near Surface Ocean Temperature: Trends and Interdecadal Variability Mark Carson and Ed Harrison  
S5O4 Isolating the signal of ocean global warming Matt Palmer, Keith Haines, Simon Tett and Tara Ansell  
S5O5 Monitoring El Niño/Southern Oscillation Behaviour with an Improved Multivariate ENSO Index (MEI) Klaus Wolter and Michael S. Timlin  
S5O6 Historical chronologies of El Niño Events and Instrumental ENSO indices Alexey Kaplan  
S5O7 Changes of the Thermohaline Circulation of the Nordic Seas and Climate Waldemar Walczowski and Jan Piechura  
S5O8 Using Ships' Logbooks to Understand the Little Ice Age (1685 to 1750): developing a new source of climatic data Dennis Wheeler  
S5O9 The Characterisation of Marine Climate Using Indices Val Swail, Scott Woodruff, Elizabeth Kent, David Parker, and Chris Folland  
S5P1 Accuracy and Variability of the Turbulent Surface Fluxes over the North Atlantic from VOS Observations David I. Berry and Elizabeth C. Kent Not submitted for publication
S5P2 Winds at the Hvar Meteorological Station with Particular Emphasis on Strong and Gale Force Winds and Safety of Boats and Ships [Wind At The Island Hvar On The Middle Adriatic Sea] Milan Hodzic  
S5P3 Observations of new western Mediterranean deep water formation using Argo floats 2004-2006 Robert O. Smith, H.L. Bryden and K. Stansfield  
S5P4 Long-term Trends of SST in the Seas adjacent to Japan Takafumi Umeda  
S5P5 The Antarctic Sea Ice spatial variability for the period and its relationship with atmospheric circulation S. Barreira and R. Compagnucci  
S5P6 Ice winter severity in the Western Baltic Sea in the Period 1301-1500 Natalija Schmelzer and Gerhard Koslowski Not submitted for publication
S5P7 Mean Sea Level (1817-2007) At The Swinoujscie Tide Gauge Marzenna M. Sztobryn and Waldemar Stepko Not submitted for publication
S5P8 Spectral Slopes and Interannual-to-Subannual Variability Ratios Daniel Amrhein and Alexey Kaplan  
S5P9 The wave climate of the Baltic Sea Ewa Jakusik  
S5P10 Far North Atlantic Climate 1760-1799: Evidence from logbooks of the Hudson's Bay Company Catharine Ward (presented by Dennis Wheeler) Not submitted for publication
Plenary Disc. B Marine Metadata & Data Management (60 min) Chair: Bob Keeley (Rapporteur: Eric Freeman)  
  Poster viewing (all Sessions) All poster presenters  

Friday, 9 May

S6 Session 6: New Initiatives Chair: Craig Donlon  
S6O1 Marine climate data and research priorities for the IPCC 5th Assessment David Parker  
S6O2 Storm Surge Climatology: JCOMM Scientific and Technical Symposium on Storm Surges Val R. Swail and Boram Lee  
S6O3 Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth: The 20th Century Reanalysis Project, and longer historical reanalyses Rob Allan, Gilbert P Compo, Jeffrey S Whitaker and Prashant D Sardeshmukh  
S6O4 ENSO forecasts with an intermediate coupled model initialized and verified by historical climate datasets Dake Chen, Alicia Karspeck, Alexey Kaplan, Mark Cane, and Richard Seager  
S6O5 Exploration of Antarctic weather: recovering observations from the early 20th century (link to additional information; note: leaving CLIMAR3 website) Philip Brohan and Robert J Allan Not submitted for publication
S6O6 BACC: BALTEX Assessment of Climate Change for the Baltic Sea Basin - Process and Results [...- Summary and Outlook] Hans von Storch  
S6P1 Regional Comparison of Surface Turbulent Flux Products Paul J. Hughes, Shawn R. Smith and Mark A. Bourassa  
S6P2 coastDat at IfK of GKSS, I: Detailed description and assessment of coastal climate change since 1958 in N Europe [The CoastDat project at GKSS - assessing ongoing change and projecting possible future changes in marine weather - winds, surges, waves and currents] Hans von Storch, Ralf Weisse, Frauke Feser, Jörg Winterfeldt, Andreas Plüss and Lidia Gaslikova  
Plenary Disc. C Marine Indices & Products (90 min) Chair: Val Swail (Rapporteur: John Kennedy)  
Plenary Disc. D Workshop Outcomes (30 min) Chair: Scott Woodruff (Rapporteur: Elizabeth Kent)  
  Workshop Closure    


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