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Upper (left to right):

  • Typical page from an 18th century Dutch logbook. This example differs only in the inclusion of a pen-and-ink sketch of an encounter with a British vessel. By courtesy of Nationaal Archief, The Netherlands.
  • Nicholas Pocock's painting of the East India Company's Hindostan. The logbooks of the EIC are of particular value in containing much early instrumental data. By courtesy (until 2013) of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich (UK).
  • The logbooks of Nicholas Pocock are of particular interest because of their illustrations, otherwise the content and detail are typical of a late 18th century merchant ship and pay attention to wind force and direction. By courtesy (until 2013) of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

Lower (left to right):

  • USS Connecticut: Steaming at high speed on trials off the Maine coast, 1906. "Photographed by Enrique Muller. Note sailors crowding the rails, watching the photographer's boat, which is about to be swamped by the battleship's bow wave." US Naval Historical Center Photograph #NH 553.
  • HMS Ajax: Example half-page from logbook, 1939. By courtesy of The National Archives, Kew (UK). Catalog reference ADM53/10753/3.
  • Seaman's Journal: from Boston to Gibraltar etc. in the Ship Restitution commanded by John Hammond, 1824-26. US Maury Collection.
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