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June 2014
Presentations and discussions at CLIMAR-IV and First IVAD Workshops

February 2012
A poster (icoads.noaa.gov/ivad/Smith_IVAD_poster_v3.pdf) outlining progress on IVAD was presented at the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT USA. The poster focused on the role IVAD would play in enhancing future in situ-based marine climate data records.

September 2011
Began IVAD development through grant from NOAA's Climate Observation and Monitoring Program. The development will focus on (1) implementing the database for all ICOADS individual marine reports, (2) modifying the IMMA format to support value-added data records, (3) selecting and adding several existing adjustments to the IVAD, and (4) conducting scientific proof -of-concept tests to show the value of the IVAD for the marine climate community.

May 2011
Presented an update on IVAD plans at MARCDAT-III (icoads.noaa.gov/marcdat3/) and solicited input from the marine climate community on the project plans.

September 2009
Presented IVAD plan to wider ocean observing community as part of the ICOADS white paper for OceanObs'09 in Venice, Italy (http://www.oceanobs09.net/proceedings/cwp/cwp94/index.php).

May 2008
Presented the initial concept plan at CLIMAR-III in Gdynia, Poland. The presentation (icoads.noaa.gov/climar3/c3oral-pdfs/S4O5-Smith.pdf) allowed the marine climate community to make general recommendations on the project plan. The concept plan was subsequently revised by the IVAD team.

March 2008
IVAD team teleconference reviewed the initial concept plan and drafted talking points for upcoming CLIMAR-III meeting. Clean draft of concept plan completed for presentation at CLIMAR-III.

October 2007
Initial discussion of the IVAD concept occurred in Boulder, CO between COAPS/FSU, NCAR, and NOAA ESRL. The first version of the concept plan was drafted and a team of interested marine climatologists was assembled.