International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set (ICOADS)

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Figure 1. Annual numbers of marine reports in ICOADS, stratified by platform type for 1936-2005. The indicated DM sources have been blended through 1997 (or 1996 in the case of oceanographic data) and for 1998-2004, whereas 2005 is composed exclusively of GTS data. The total in 2005 is approximately 14 million (not shown), owing to many GTS drifting buoy reports, which are consolidated by the providers of the DM data (i.e., by removal of duplicates plus some compositing of fragmentary receipts). (Ship photo courtesy of Figure from: Woodruff, S.D., H.F. Diaz, E.C. Kent, R.W. Reynolds, and S.J. Worley, 2008: The evolving SST record from ICOADS. In Climate Variability and Extremes during the Past 100 Years (S. Brönnimann, J. Luterbacher, T. Ewen, H.F. Diaz, R.S. Stolarski, and U. Neu, Eds.), Advances in Global Change Research, Vol. 33, Springer, 65-83.
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