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Recommendations from MARCDAT-I, Boulder 2002.

C. Technical Issues Working Group

  1. Data that add the most information to the existing database should be given priority for digitisation.

  2. The research community should have access to preliminary data. Identification and documentation should clearly distinguish final from interim products, and advise users of potential duplication and lack of QC in the interim products.

  3. Use a new, fully documented format for interim and newly-digitised data.

  4. Continue development and application of new QC techniques and utilization of metadata.

  5. Continue wide distribution of all data in appropriate formats, and share software to access and analyse the data. Data should be available freely, e.g. over the Internet, or at a minimum cost for media.

  6. The real-time data collection centres should keep original copies of the GTS data stream. A comparison of GTS receipts at these collection centers should be made.

  7. Incorporating modern high quality, high temporal resolution data into ICOADS.

  8. There should be a mirror data site for the new ICOADS database.

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Consolidated Boulder/CLIMAR-II Recommendations

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