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Recommendations from CLIMAR-II, Brussels 2003.

F. Uncertainties, Data Availability and Future Workshops


  1. Consider forming a working group on uncertainties in climate data and analyses. This should include all climate data, not just marine, and the group could appropriately work with, and report to, the GCOS Panels and IPCC.

Data Availability

  1. We need to simplify and accelerate data access to users, especially new comers to the field. There should be a "route map" to the best available data. JCOMM should work with the GCOS Panels and appropriate research groups to identify operational, and experimental, integrated climate information products and put them on their web portal.

  2. The successful International Marine Meteorological Archive (IMMA) format developed under the ETMC should continue to be used.

  3. Widening access to high quality research vessel data and metadata.

  4. Investigate the inclusion of relative humidity (RH) data into ICOADS when RH is the only available moisture parameter.

  5. Consider developing links to sources of coastal and island data.

Future Workshops

  1. A sequel to the Boulder workshop should be held in 1-2 years time.

  2. CLIMAR-III should be held in 2007.

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Consolidated Boulder/CLIMAR-II Recommendations

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